The Closed Circuit Foley Catheter Kits are ready to use closed catheter system providing a safe, simple catheterization designed to reduce the risk of urinary tract infections. Each is sterile and packaged in a tray ready to use.

  • Includes insertion supplies
  • Ready-to-use closed catheter system
  • Reduces the risk of urinary tract infections
  • Single use only
  • Contents: (1)Foley catheter - 12, 14, 16 or 18FR., 5cc; (1)2000 mL Drainage bag; (1)Bed sheet clamp; (1)Syringe, 10cc, pre-filled with sterile water; (1)Waterproof drape; (1)Fenestrated drape; (2)Powder-free vinyl gloves, M; (3)PVP swabsticks in a pack; (1)Lubricating jelly; (1)Specimen container; (1)Patient label; (1)Packaging overwrap; (1)Procedure tray; (1)Insert tray

Closed Circuit Foley Catheter Trays