SecureSafe Insulin Syringes provide a sterile, effective way to deliver insulin with a new safety engineered mechanism. Designed for comfortable injections, each needle is constructed of a surgical grade stainless steel with a lubricated coating and is securely attached eliminating needle pop off. The SecureSafe safety engineered mechanism features a cylinder safety cover to conceal the needle, that is activated with a quick pull and twist movement. These Safety Insulin Syringes also feature a thin wall, reducing the required plunger force, helping larger doses flow smoothly with a painless and comfortable injection. With wider unit spacing, the users can draw up to an accurate dose of 1mL, while being protected from accidental needlestick during injections.

  • Pull and twist SecureSafe safety mechanism, protecting against accidental needlestick
  • Needle is securely attached, eliminating needle pop off.
  • Easy-to-read markings with smooth plunger action to promote accurate filling and dosing.
  • For use with U-100 insulin
  • Not made with natural rubber latex

SecureSafe Safety Insulin Syringes